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Like many, I spent years trying fad diet after fad diet.

I don't pretend to be something I'm not - BUT I do train hard and watch what I eat. I am a strong believer that the word 'diet' should be removed from the media and we should all embark on making general health and lifestyle changes.

So no more giving yourself a hard time; with a little bit of forward planning you can introduce a healthy and balanced diet. Combine this with exercise and you will see results.

I am not a nutritionist but I can:

•  Look at what you are currently eating
•  Look at how much and how often you should be eating
•  Make food substitution suggestions where required
•  Clarify all that confusing dietary advice


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Using a food diary, Pip
helped me to look at what I
was eating and then
suggested healthy
substitutions. She kept
things simple with no
confusing or conflicting

I am well on my way to
achieving my goal to look
great in my wedding
dress next year !

Samantha, Teacher,