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I currently work with two very different groups of individuals with complex health problems.

Different Strokes
This is an inspirational group of individuals who have had a stroke or cerebral vascular accident at a relatively young age. The stroke may have affected their memory, speech and balance and left them with a general weakness down one side. Each person is affected differently so the class is adapted to meet all their individual needs.

The Young Persons with Alzheimer's Pilot Project
There has been much publicity recently about the benefits of exercise and Alzheimer's. I teach group exercise to young people under the age of 69 affected by Alzheimer's.

Both groups are of mixed ability but the success of my work is the result of the individual attention that I am able to provide to each member.


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Regardless of their age,
physical ability or level of
fitness, Pip optimised
the potential of our group
members AND they had
a good laugh in the

Claire, Different Strokes