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For most of my teens and during my career as a nurse I suffered from recurrent back problems. In spite of this I continued an active and healthy lifestyle. However due to a diagnosis of 'crippling spinal instability' in my early 30's I rapidly deteriorated and became housebound, required a carer and was registered disabled. I was retired at the age of 35 from nursing and told I would never get better or walk again unaided.

Spine X-rays

I was then offered risky spinal surgery which, at best, was thought would improve my quality of life. In order for me to have the surgery I was told that I had to lose a substantial amount of weight; I had already lost 4 stone but had to lose another 4 ! With drive and determination I did this - no mean feat when you can't move !

Following surgery, I discovered there was minimal rehab available. Determined to regain my healthy, happy lifestyle, I started to work on my core and spinal stability and began swimming. I then progressed gradually to the gym and eventually to running before embarking on a career as a personal trainer.

I genuinely know how tough and scary it can be to start or return to training, to feel uncomfortable about walking into a gym and how it feels to be in chronic pain. Using my nursing experience and passion for health and fitness, together we can help overcome those barriers and fears and make those lifestyle changes that will lead to a healthier and happier you.


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